Easy steps to get an easy loan on the app

Easy steps to get an easy loan on the app

Do you have cash in the bank? Now you can get an easy loan on the app! Simply provide us with basic information about yourself and your account, and we’ll give you an instant decision! You can start using the money right away, or you can use our additional services to make sure it’s put to its best use.

Either way, your life just got a little easier! With easyloan on app, you’ll never have to worry about finding cash again!

Step 1: If you are 18 years old
When you reach 18 years of age, you can apply for your credit card without cosigner. But at first, apply for a secured credit card and prove that you are able to manage it well.

Then gradually upgrade it into unsecured one after six months or even a year. A good rule of thumb is not to open too many cards with too little credit history; two is probably enough until you have a year of experience under your belt. But don’t worry if you cannot wait that long—there are plenty of alternatives.

Step 2: Set up your profile
Before you can actually apply for any loans, you’ll need to have a functional profile. If you already have a PayPal account, Facebook account or LinkedIn profile, then those work well.

If not, consider creating one of these accounts specifically for your loan application. Set up your profile and allow it access to all of your social media accounts and even your email account if necessary.

Once you’ve done that and added whatever photos or biographical information is appropriate (make sure it’s relevant but simple), it’s time to start getting credit scores! This is how most lenders decide whether or not they want to lend money — so you definitely want a good score in order for them to take notice.

Step 3: Choose your form of payment
Most forms of payment have some sort of fee attached. There is usually a convenience fee for credit card or debit card payments and there are often transaction fees for e-check, money order and other forms of payment.

Most banks charge extra fees for bounced checks as well. When choosing your form of payment, be sure you account for any potential fees that might be incurred when you make your purchase or pay off your loan.

Step 4: Take a photo of yourself holding your ID document
Your driver’s license or passport.

Step 5: Check Your ID Document: Double-check that your name and photo are correct, as they will appear on your Easy Loan account.

Step 6: Choose a loan amount you want:

You can select one of 3 available loan amounts (100, 200, 500) at checkout.


Your monthly payments are determined by your income and range from 12 – 60 months (the longer term will result in lower monthly payments). For example, if you take out a $500 Easy Loan and choose a 36 month repayment period, you will pay $25 per month for 3 years. Step 8: Choose Complete My Application once finished filling out all of your information.

Step 5: Upload photos of all items you would like to insure
To protect your possessions against loss or damage, you must upload photos of everything that you’d like to insure.

Take as many pictures as possible and make sure each picture shows at least a portion of every item you plan to insure.

It can be hard to remember exactly how your items looked before a mishap occurs, so take these photos now! If you don’t have access to a camera, ask friends and family members for help—and if they already have insurance through CompareCards, they can share their own pictures.

Have them snap images of furniture in their home and upload them right away; then find a way to do it yourself when it comes time for your coverage needs.

Step 6: Fill in information about yourself and your car details
Fill in your personal details like name, address, contact number and other required fields.

There are two types of loans you can apply for: short term or long term. Choose one of them based on how much you need and how long you need it for.

For example, if you want a short-term loan to pay off expenses over next three months or so, choose that option and then enter your annual income and expenses. You will also be asked if your car is insured.

Do not select no because that could result in higher interest rates. After filling up these details proceed further by clicking ‘Next’.

Step 7: Receive Loan Approval (some minutes later)
Once you have provided all information, a payday lender or financial institution will approve your application and notify you via email or phone.

Step 8: Get Check in Hand (the next business day): Withdraw money from your bank account and take your cash to a payday lender/financial institution for payment.

Your check should be handed over within 2-4 hours, but it is up to each payday lender as to how quickly they will process your application and issue you a check.

You can go back online with EasyPaydayLoansFast when finished and choose another lender if you’re not satisfied with their services. This way, we ensure that everyone gets access to fast lending services – regardless of location.

Step 8: Finalize Loan Approval
When you’ve completed your application, PayDayLoans.us will send you a confirmation page.

You must sign and return your documents within 24 hours of receiving them. If you fail to return all required documentation, PayDayLoans.us may elect not to process your application for any reason without further notice or liability to you.

This can include missing items in your application package or failing a background check performed by a third party (such as TeleCheck).

If approved, once all paperwork is returned and processed, funds may be deposited into your account as early as today!

Step 9. Get Money!
Once you’ve figured out what kind of loan works for you, apply for it via your phone. When applying, be sure that all of your personal information is filled out correctly.

This includes your Social Security number, income, and all relevant contact information. Also take care not to select a bank that charges annual or transaction fees that are too high as these can offset any money saved from interest rates and make it more expensive in the long run.

Once approved, follow up with both emails and a text message (if one was provided) so there are no misunderstandings regarding repayment terms.

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