Smileys, Animated Emojis and Cute Emoticons – How to Use Them on Your Android Device

Smileys, Animated Emojis and Cute Emoticons – How to Use Them on Your Android Device

Smileys, animated emojis and cute emoticons are so popular these days! People use them in their messages to make them more expressive and fun. But how do you add smileys, emojis and emoticons to your messages? In this guide I’ll show you the options on how to use smsmileysileys, emojis and emoticons on your Android device and what can be done with the help of a keyboard app like Textra or TouchPal Emoji Keyboard or Google Keyboard.

What are animated emojis?
Animated emojis are a fun and easy way to communicate with friends and family using your Android device. You can use them in any text or chat application that supports emoji. To insert an animated emoji, simply touch the emoji key on your keyboard, then select the desired emoji from the menu. There are a variety of different animated emojis to choose from, so find one that best expresses how you’re feeling. Have fun! Smileys, Animated Emojis and Cute Emoticons will be updated with new features every day so make sure to visit our blog for more information about this topic.

What are cute emoticons?
Cute emoticons are a type of emoji that are designed to look like cute, cartoon characters. They’re usually used to communicate emotions like happiness, love, or excitement. To use these animated emojis, you can just send them as text messages in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS texts, or emails. You can also copy and paste them in your favorite messaging app such as Instagram Stories or Snapchat by tapping the sticker icon (it looks like an outline of a rectangle with four circles) in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you do this, you’ll see all your favorite stickers including some new ones! Tap on one to add it to your snap!

Important basic smiley emoji tips for Android users
1. You can access the emoji keyboard by long-pressing the spacebar.
2. To use an emoji, simply tap on it.
3. To change the skin tone of a smiley emoji, tap and hold on the emoji, then slide your finger to the desired skin tone.
4. Some emojis have multiple versions; to cycle through them, just tap and hold, then swipe left or right.
5. You can also add animated effects to your emojis by tapping on the ‘A’ button next to the spacebar.
6. For even more options, check out third-party keyboard apps like SwiftKey or Gboard (Google’s keyboard app).
7. Have fun! It’s not that hard to figure out once you get started. And if you forget how to do something, there are some quick instructions below for you.

8. After typing a message, press enter on your phone or click send at the top of the screen for the message to be sent.
9. Check out this post for plenty more information about using emoticons and other symbols on your phone: https://talkingsmileysanimatedemojiscuteemoticonsapkdownloadtipsandtrickscom/what-are-animated-emoji/

How to send animated smiley emojis using an iOS device
You can use the built-in emoji keyboard to access a library of animated smiley faces on your iOS device. To do this, open the keyboard settings and tap Add New Keyboard. Next, select Emoji from the list of available keyboards. Once you’ve added the emoji keyboard, you can access it by tapping the globe icon next to the space bar.

To send an animated smiley emoji, simply tap and hold on the face you want to use, then drag it up to the message field. Tap Send when you’re done. To share more than one animated emoji in a single message, first make sure they are aligned correctly in the message field, then press and hold them until they start jiggling. Tap Share; now you’ll be able to select what app or service to share them with.

Other fun ways to use emojis/smiley emojis
Emojis are a great way to add personality to your text messages, emails and social media posts. But did you know that there are other fun ways to use them? Here are a few ideas 1) When you want to say you’re welcome but don’t want to seem too formal, type the letter W with an emoji (a thumbs up or peace sign for example).
2) When sending a friend some flowers for their birthday or anniversary, attach the emoji as the message instead of words.
3) When talking about something that might be less than pleasant (i.e., going to the dentist), send an emoji of a pair of laughing lips instead of using words like smiling, laughing, etc.

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